Monday, October 1, 2018

Week Five Experience Documentation

  • As a class we were introduced to Instructables, an online site used to learn how to make things and contribute to a community of knowledge.
    • The process of finding new things is easy.
    • There are competitions for creating good projects and posts.
    • There are some really interesting projects, and a wide variety in all subjects.
  • We were given an assignment to examine good, bad, and ugly posts to get an idea of good formatting and practice.
  • We were briefed on the final project.
    • We were told that we will post our project and findings on Instructables at the end.
    • We were told that we will be using some sort of sensor in our project, so we should browse to get an idea of what kind of sensors are available.
  • We learned how to use a multimeter.
    • We learned how to measure voltage, amps, and ohms.
    • We learned how to check if materials are conductive and how to check whether links exist in the circuit (such as what the power connects to in the circuit.)
  • I worked on my final project.
    • Finally soldered circuit board, but while the touch points worked at first, they stopped making sound so will have to speak with Thomas before continuing.
  • Sensor Research.
    • Examined the Boe Bot project that uses sensors that differentiate between black and white lines.
    • Read a post that mentioned temperature reading sensors.
      • The post also gives ideas such as programming objects to illuminate when certain events are triggered.
    • Short reading on types of sensors. The reading discussed:
      • IR Sensors
      • Ultrasonic Sensors
      • Touch Sensors
      • Proximity Sensors
      • Pressure Sensors
      • Level Sensors
      • Smoke and Gas Sensors

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly Instructables Posts

The Good:
Reading Sensors with a Microprocessor

  • The post is well-written and clear.
  • Complete list of parts are included.
  • Along with complete instructions and informational backgrounds, images and diagrams are included to enhance understanding.
  • Post includes information on building the circuits with components, the program, and other ideas that can be tested with this information.
The Bad:
  • The post describes enough information to understand the goal of the project and gives simple instructions, but does not go into much detail.
  • The images of the diagrams are crumpled and not the best quality.
  • Very little is explained, and there are elements of careless grammar.
  • The videos linked in the description do not work, so even more information is missing.
The Ugly:
  • The images give a brief idea of the information, but the post has very little information.
  • Nothing is explained, and while links are provided that can help explain some of the information, their role is not explained.
  • Overall while the idea behind the project can be understood after viewing the post and links, there are too many gaps and a lot of questions are left.