Sunday, September 16, 2018

Week Three Experience Documentation


  • As a class we discussed out poster designs for our wetware upgrade proposals.
    • I thought it was interesting how some posters only used images to promote the idea, while others primarily relied on text to slyly copy advertisements common today.
    • For my idea, I was told that having the image drawn in more of a first-person perspective, such as through an almost fish eye view, would be beneficial for my idea. I have been considering creating the image for fun, but will have to do so when I have more free time.
  • I practiced reading schematics to build and solder a blinky circuit.
    • There was not a circuit diagram, so the process mainly involved reading and following along with the textual instructions.
    • The soldering was an interesting learning experience. It was highly stressful, but after a couple attempts I started beginning to get the hang of soldering. I still work pretty slow right now.
  • I practiced reading and interpreting a circuit diagram in order to build a Tactical Noise Circuit (TNM) on a breadboard.
    • I chose to do the second and third designs, choosing to focus on altering the third design.
    • I primarily focused on building the design from the circuit diagram, since I wanted practice interpreting them.
  • As a class we discussed Art of Noises
    • The important undertones about conformity and attempting to break out of traditional modes of thought to create new ideas and ways of thinking was discussed.
    • The context of the article was explored by discussing events that were occurring during the time the article was written, and then applying these thoughts to certain statements in the readings. 

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