Sunday, September 16, 2018

Tactical Noise Circuit (TNM) Experience

         In this lab we were given a breadboard, speaker, battery, and connecting wires, along with circuit diagrams of three different TNM circuits. Similar to the blinkies, I mostly just followed the instructions on the diagram and Thomas's example images, only changing some minor elements here and there.
          When building the second circuit, the only changes I made concerned Thomas's design, one of which being that the resistors and wire for TCH3 (touch 3) were placed in a farther row, simply for my preference. I also changed the order of the elements in some of the rows, including the one for TH3.
          Similarly, when building the third circuit, I mainly changed the placement of Thomas's design, for the resistor was still placed in a different row. I also left the power wiring on the other side of the board, only moving the wire over to the right one row so that it connected to TCH5 (touch 5). I did this because I don't like when my wires get too messy, and by leaving the power connection on the other side of the board I cleaned up the area a bit.

 Fig 1. TNM Circuit #2
Fig 2. TNM Circuit #3

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