Sunday, September 16, 2018

Blinkie Soldering Experience

          In this lab we created a Blinkie system by using a kit that came with schematics. As far as my process went, I simply followed the written instructions. I had to ask a tech to show me how they solder because I couldn't seem to get the shape correct at first, but after a few times the process became a tiny bit more comfortable.
          I found it interesting how careful you have to be to make sure you do no have the solder connect any points on the circuit. However, when soldering the battery, it doesn't matter if the two battery sections are connected to the first component because that is how the current is supposed to flow anyway.
          The first picture included is the top of the board illustrating the components, and the second photo is the bottom of the board illustrating the solder points. 

 Fig 1. Components on Board

Fig 2. Solder Points

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